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FEEMO Founded in 2012, our company is a leading provider of professional electronic cigarette solutions, specializing in research, development, production, and sales. we cater to the high-end market, primarily in developed countries like North America and Europe. We have also been expanding our presence in the domestic market. In the field of electronic cigarettes, we strive to provide competitive, safe, and reliable products, solutions, and services to our customers. We believe in open collaboration with our ecosystem partners, continuously creating value for our customers, unleashing personal potential, enriching family life, and fostering organizational innovation. We are committed to continuous innovation based on customer needs, increasing investment in fundamental research, and leveraging accumulated knowledge to drive progress worldwide.

Our mission is:

Creating value for our customers: Yishitu collaborates with partners to provide consumers with stable, reliable, safe, and sustainable high-quality health products. We are committed to the robust development of the health industry and contribute to the quality of life for the public while creating value.
Driving the sound development of the industry: We advocate for openness, collaboration, and win-win partnerships. Through cooperation and innovation with customers, partners, and friendly competitors, we expand the value of the industry, establish a healthy and sustainable industrial ecosystem, actively promote the development of industry associations, contribute to the formulation of industry standards, and build a win-win ecosystem. From product planning, design, research and development, manufacturing, delivery, and transportation, Yishitu consistently provides customers with leading energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and healthy products and solutions.
Company culture

corporate culture


For Users: Serve the customers with heart and soul to make human life colorful.
For Staff: Create space for their development, enhance employees’ value and improve their quality of life
For Community: Promote healthy development and serve the progress of community civilization

Business Philosophy:

Honest! Integrity! Realistic! Creative! Efficient! Responsible!
Core Values:
Put morality first, achieve pragmatic and efficient
Keep innovative and fulfil all the customers

Quality-Orientated Principle:
Win customers with QUALITY
Seeking development with QUALITY
Exceed Customers’expectations ALL THE TIME

Corporate Style:

Serious! Responsible! Strict! Active! Efficient!
Serious about: Excellence and Curiosity
Responsible for: the courage to shoulder what you have done
Strict in: Management, hard-work, self-discipline, law enforcement, working process and rewards and punishment
Active in: being assigned, taking responsibility, identifying problems, improving and perfecting the work
Efficient in: clear work plan and quick response.


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Enterprise style

Guangdong Feemovape Technology Co.,Ltd
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Enterprise style

Enterprise style

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